Jane Mena: It's taboo to sleep with married women where I come from - Kpokpogiri

Jane Mena: It's taboo to sleep with married women where I come from - Kpokpogiri
Tonto Dikeh and Prince KpokpogriFILE

Prince Kpokpogri, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh’s ex-lover, has reacted to her latest accusation that he keeps a sex tape of some celebrities.

The mother of one had realleged that Kpokpogri, whose real name she claimed to be Joseph Egbri, has sex tapes of women he slept with including celebrity dancer, Jane Mena who is currently married to her long time beau.

However, Prince Kpokpogri, reacting, clarified that he's family friends with JaneMena adding that it’s a taboo to sleep with a married woman where he’s from.

He said, “Is Janemena my friend? Yes! Beyond going to her shop opening years back, our relationship has only been on the phone. We have been family friends for years and the husband is someone that’s close to me.

"It is a taboo where I come from to sleep with a married woman even though I am still single, worst of all, with a married Isoko lady, who will pay the ultimate price if she does that. Don’t drag her and any other name in your imagination into our ship that has long sunk. I’ve lived and living a clean life. No amount of blackmail can pull me down.

“It will be a disservice to the institution called love if I say it was a regret knowing you as it wasn’t. It may have been a short memory but it’s such that it will last a lifetime. Did I love you? Absolutely yes. In your weaknesses and vulnerability, I still loved you and was ready to walk you through the challenges of life. I gave you the chance to be yourself irrespective of the negative impression I was given about you.

"Despite warnings by top political and corporate friends to be careful while dating you, I opened up my heart to you and access to the sanctuary of my heart. It was all love, nothing more.

“This was what broke us up and not an aftermath voice note. I have deliberately avoided the issue of Janemena till now but it will be selfish of me to allow the poor lady who has lived and still living a virtuous life to be dragged into our breakup which has become messy.”

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