BBNaija: Jackie B playing with my feelings, Michael laments

 BBNaija: Jackie B playing with my feelings, Michael laments

BBNaija housemate, Michael has lamented his relationship with Jackie B, stating that she keeps playing with his feelings and making him confused with her actions and words.

Michael, while having a discussion with Peace and Angel about Jackie B complained that if he sees her with another male housemate, it will really hurt his feelings because he has done everything possible to please her.

While the rest of the housemates partied on Saturday, Michael who is always the life of the party appeared distraught raising questions from other friends.

“Moving on from Jackie B is going to hurt but when I do that it’s definitely over and I will start doing the things she accused me of doing.

“I don’t just want to be her friend because when she’s with another guy I’m going to be jealous.

“I’ll be fine, she’s playing games and putting me in a state of confusion.

“I went over and beyond and if that’s not ok f**k you.

“That cruise that she thinks I’m having with other girls I’ll have that cruise after I hurt for a week.

“I’ll hurt for a week and move on, I’ve been trained to move on,” Michael tells Peace.

Peace responding advised him to have another discussion with Jackie B and settle things rather than breaking it up with her.