Incessant robbery attacks, trying period for me – Actress Biola Fowosire

Incessant robbery attacks, trying period for me – Actress Biola Fowosire

Businesswoman and actress, Biola Fowosire, has spoken about her incessant encounters with robbers.

It would be recalled that during the week in a video making rounds, the actress amidst tears begged robbers, who are constantly looting her shop, to desist as she is not as rich as they think.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the actress narrated the sad ordeal, saying her troubles started four years ago after her first car was snatched.

The 'Iyawo Esu' actress explained that although the person who snatched her car called her mobile phone to apologise, she still got him arrested but after her life was threatened she dropped the case.

 "With the incessant attacks, what do I have to say? The Bible says that in all things, we should be thankful. My troubles started four years ago. At first, my car was snatched, but surprisingly, the person who snatched the car called me, claiming he did not know I was the owner of the car. He said he thought it was another person's own.  I got him arrested but because he knows some people, he was released. As a matter of fact, the person threatened that if I continued to spread his tales, he would kill me. So, I kept quiet afterwards.

"A year later, I started my business with a loan of over N1m. I got a shop at a complex, but unfortunately, my shop was burgled twice. I was selling cosmetics, clothes and hair extensions. I relocated but I was not making enough sales. Sadly, my shop was burgled again and I lost N2.8million worth of goods. The loss hit me very badly and I diverted into fish business. My grandmother sells fish, so I'm skilled in that business. Acting is not enough to meet my needs so I had to combine other things. I also saved up and started selling drinks. Thankfully, business started to boom. A few days ago, robbers came again and stole all my goods. They took two freezers, a generator and expensive wines. My shop is in Ibadan, Oyo State. My fans have given me a freezer and some well-meaning people also sent money to me. I have been sorting out the issues little by little."

The mother of two speaking further stated that she considered the robbery attacks to be a trial.

She said,

"I cannot pinpoint where the problem originated from. I am a generous and peaceful person and I'm not at loggerheads with anyone. As a widow, I have helped and empowered other widows too. I have accepted my fate. I guess this is one of the trials that I would pass through in life. If anyone is responsible for my woes, I have handed the person to God. I know God will eventually expose every evildoer."

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