I'm not weird, I just want to pass a message to society - Pretty Mike

I'm not weird, I just want to pass a message to society - Pretty Mike
Pretty Mike

Socialite and night club owner, Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu aka Pretty Mike, on Tuesday gave an insight into his theatrics and 'weird' appearances at events.

Speaking with BBC News pidgin, Mike stated that many people don't think he is normal because of what he believes in.

Mike, who is an entrepreneur, averred that he has been in the night life business for 14 years.

According to him, most of his concepts have a lot of deep meaning behind them.

Recalling an incident where he walked into an event with ladies rocking their baby bumps, he emphasised that it was his way of sending a message to society because a many people discriminate pregnant women.

"Automatically if a pregnant woman comes for a job, even if she qualifies, once they see the big belly they automatically reject them,"he said.

He recounted another incident at his friend's wedding where he strutted in with a traditionalist aka 'babalawo.'

Pretty Mike claimed "most people call them babalowo but I call them spiritualist.

"People believe they are bad people, evil people, a lot of people discriminate them because of the African movies they have watched."

He wonders why people would want to converge with their pastor and not with a native doctor.

"People look at me like I'm weird but I also look at them like they are weird too," he said.

For him all of the 'weirdness' he brings with him to events are inspirations that just come to him.

"It could take months of planning, arranging and packaging to execute them," he said.