I’m not ready for marriage – OAP TwiX Da Jims reveals

I’m not ready for marriage – OAP TwiX Da Jims reveals

Popular media personality, Onimole Oluwasegunfunmi better known as Twix Da Jims, while opening up on his media journey so far has said he was not ready for marriage in an interview with TheNewsGuru.

What influenced you to venture into the media?

First, I love visual media. Secondly, I have huge admiration for how radio introduces new music and genres to the listening public. Radio is the first line of attack due to how it keeps my profile low-key pending when I announce your visual presence.

Is the OAP job lucrative in Nigeria?

It's kind of dicey because the salary might not be enticing but it's a platform to use as a springboard to venture into other lucrative areas. Lucrative, especially if you have a viable team to bring the right endorsements.

Tells us about your growing up?

I'm a nomad and a sponge, I learn from different people and locations.

For how long have you been an on air-personality?

Professionally, it is approximately 10 months.

How supportive has your family been?

I can't say there was any form of objection from my family because I rarely see family members and we are not even many in my nuclear family. My mum has however been very supportive of my dreams and aspirations.

Tell us about your greatest moment on the job?

My greatest moments would have to be the times when I have massive listen admiration. Especially the times when people thought I was not cut out for this, due to my unorthodox style of hyping on the air, as opposed to the conventional radio presentation style. The listeners calling and showing love during those times when the impostor syndrome kicked in, gave me a sense of belonging in the radio business.

How do you handle female fans?

I love my fans from both sexes, and it is all platonic love. You just have to be real with yourself, and fathom that all that glitters is not gold. Just been keeping it professional and plain.

Any plans of getting married soon?

That would happen in the future, but for now, I just want to make enough capital and savings for my future seeds. I mean, the current state of the nation, Nigeria, calls for thorough planning before marriage.

How has the current economic situation in the country affected you?

It hasn't been palatable. I'm a Nigerian living in Nigeria, so whatever the common man feels, I feel that too. The cost of living is skyrocketing on a daily here. We have just been keeping our heads above water.

Are you doing this for passion or survival?

Like I noted earlier on, it is all about passion first. With this passion comes the gains, then the glitz and glamour.

If you're not an OAP, what would you be doing?

Funny how there are many entrepreneurial sides to me. I am a good rapper (if I truly put my mind to it), I know the business angle to the showbiz industry. I have relatively been a player in the game that I can manage any talent on here. It is on record that I have been organizing events for as long as I can remember. I am equally into fashion and hospitality. The bottom line is that I am a lifestyle connoisseur.

How do you spend your leisure time?

Most times, if I am not reading books, I am trying out new cuisines or wine. I rarely watch movies, but when I do, it has to be intelligent movies. Although I love to enjoy some alone moments to preserve my sanity, away from the frenzy around us. I, however, need to activate my travel mode this period because there is more to explore outside of this neck of the woods. I mean, life is for the living. So, let's live it.

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