I'm not ATM, beg with empathy, Bisi Alimi cries out

I'm not ATM, beg with empathy, Bisi Alimi cries out
Bisi Alimi


Nigerian gay rights activist and public speaker, Bisi Alimi, has decried the number of people seeking help from him begged him barely 24 hours into the New Year.

Alimi in a lengthy Instagram post on Sunday said that he can't comprehend how some persons reason when it comes to begging for money.

For him, he wonders if they ever stopped to do a self-check and ask themselves if the person they keep asking owes them anything asides from being a relative or a friend.

In anger he said he was not an Authomated Teller Machine.

He said; "Today is 2nd January 2022, which means we have only been in the new year for roughly 24hrs

"However, the amount of request to send money, from friends, loved ones, families and even people I don't know is overwhelming, I am thinking of shutting out.

"On an average (and this is me not boasting, just wanted to put this into perspective)

"I give between 25k-150k depending on my relationship with the person (sometimes lower and higher)

"So in within the first 24hrs in 2022, if I had given to everyone that asked, I would have crossed 1m by now and this is no exaggeration.

"That's 1m in 24hrs

"And 99% of this money provide zero income for me. That's 1m naira that has no yield on investment apart from thank you

"This issue is not my beef! My beef is the insensitivity of people asking for money irrespective of your relationship with the person, even worse when we are just coming out of a very expensive holiday and to think most of these people got something from me during the holiday.

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