I struggled with breastfeeding after childbirth - Mocheddah

I struggled with breastfeeding after childbirth - Mocheddah

Popular Nigerian Singer, Mocheddah, has opened up on her breastfeeding struggles after giving birth.

According to the mother of one, her mental health plunged because her milk supply was low hence breastfeeding somewhat became difficult.

She said; "My Journey to re-lactation.

"I struggled with my milk supply the 1st week after birth like this was hard!

"Trying to get the baby to latch, being new at this, being unable to sit because of stitches and hemorrhoids.

"My mental health and breastfeeding weren’t a great pair.

"So I took my time and did what i could, so obviously, my supply dropped drastically… I could barely pump a full ounce in one day.

"Now I’m feeling up to it again, so I started trying to re-lactate a couple of days ago… getting her to latch and pumping several times.

"I got nothing for the first two days (As in not a drop)

"Staying happy for myself and baby T is what’s important to me, so I’ll keep trying to up my milk supply for as long as my mental health permits me.”

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