I passed out when Nedu hit me after my first caesarian section - Ex-wife Uzor

I passed out when Nedu hit me after my first caesarian section - Ex-wife Uzor
Nedu, Uzor

Uzoamaka Ohiri, estranged wife of Wazobia FM radio personality, Chinedu Ani popularly known as Nedu, has recounted how she passed out when he hit her knowing that she just had a caesarian section four years ago.

A caesarean section, also called a C-section, is a surgical procedure performed when a vaginal delivery is not possible or safe, or when the health of the mother or the baby is at risk.

Speaking in an interview with PUNCH, Uzor stated that she had prepared food for him on the fateful day and went to serve him downstairs because his bosom friend who they regarded as a 'family member' was also present.

Unfortunately, he became upset and said she was trying to impress his friend that she cooked for him.

So she apologised and took the food upstairs.

Shortly after his friend left, she decided to approach him again to apologise for her action and beckon on him to come eat.

In response to her apology, the actor refused to eat, saying it was possible she had put something in the food.

Continuing, Uzor said she bantered words with him a little as she didn't understand the reason for his outburst.

Subsequently, she left to prepare food for her baby.

Meanwhile, the mother of three stated that Nedu's mother met her in tears and asked her why.

Uzor stated that after her explanation, her mother-in-law pleaded with her to leave him since he claimed that he wasn't hungry.

A worried Uzor disclosed that she went back to him, telling him that he must eat the food and it was in that split second that she saw black.

According to her, he targeted her head and started hitting her whilst saying to her it's either you die or I die.

"I just had a baby, it was my first ever operation," she said.

Uzor said she had to call her siblings to help and that was the day Nedu left the house and never returned.

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