I can't forgive cheating partner, BBNaija's TolaniBaj says

I can't forgive cheating partner, BBNaija's TolaniBaj says

Reality TV star and brand influencer, Tolani Shobajo, aka Tolanibaj, has said that she can never forgive a cheating partner.

She said a cheating husband is a deal-breaker and if her partner was caught in such an act, she would leave the relationship or marriage.

She said that she won’t be able to move past it as she would feel insecure and unable to trust him.

Although single and not in a relationship as of present, she extolled people who forgive their cheating partners.

Such ones are rare to find, she said.

Tolani said, "I don't know how you guys be forgiving your cheatin a$$ partners

"Cheating is like you just want me to die or something, the way I see cheating, we can't move past it

"I don't trust you anymore, I'm now insecure

"I'm now going to be tormenting your relationship intentionally or unintentionally to guilt trip you for making me feel the way I felt

"I'm not even in a relaionship and its choking me like this

"Some people can forgive their cheating partner, you guys are strong-minded and not from this world"

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