Why reality show judges dish out harsh criticism, GT Da Guitarman defends Seyi Shay

Why reality show judges dish out harsh criticism, GT Da Guitarman defends Seyi Shay

Singer and guitarist, Olugbemiro Tokunbo aka GT Da Guitarman has come to the rescue of Seyi Shay when he said reality show umpires are doing what they are paid to do.

He shared his opinion on why judges dish out harsh criticisms on reality shows in an interview with Saturday beats.

The 37-year-old singer explained that it is wrong to call someone a judge and want them to sugarcoat their judgment at the same time.

He urged that people who reason in such a manner should rather opt for a motivational speaker.

"Judges who condemn contestants on reality TV shows are just doing their jobs. If you call someone a judge and you want them to sugarcoat their judgment, maybe you should get a motivational speaker.

"I have been in that position where Seyi Shay and a few of the judges have been. I was a judge on Glo Naija Sings in Abuja too. I was a bit harsh too and I got backlash. The judge has to strike a balance. You do not want to be seen as mean. You also have fans out there who want to see you as a nice person".

The 'Ejika' singer also spoke on pressure being mounted on him to settle down.

According to him, music and his children are the most important thing to him at the moment, not marriage.

"Marriage is the last thing on my mind now because I am married to my music and my kids. If I were to give marriage another shot, what would I do differently? Nothing really. I would just still be me, maybe I would complain less. I would love more and complain less but I would still really be me. I don't think anyone should change themselves.

"I would accept the one I am having something to do with the way they are, and expect that nobody tries to change me also. That is pretty much it. I feel it is not so complicated. It is about people not concentrating on the flaws of the other person. If we complement each other more, I think the world would be a better place."

The singer, who has recently been featuring in movies, said he was open to more acting roles.

He said, "I have always been an actor. I have always been an all-round entertainer. I had a cameo role on the TV series, 'Tinsel', many years ago. I was also on the soap operas, 'Rhythm and Blues' and 'Squatterz'. I am open to more acting jobs as long as I am interested in the stories."

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