Ghanaian social commentator, Kevin Taylor blasts Burna Boy for threatening Shatta Wale

Ghanaian social commentator, Kevin Taylor blasts Burna Boy for threatening Shatta Wale

Kevin Taylor, Burna Boy, Shatta Wale


Popular Ghanaian social commentator, Kevin Taylor, has hit hard on Burna Boy for threatening a Ghanian artiste, Shatta Wale.

He expressed his anger at Burnaboy's boldness and effrontery attacking Shatta Wale.

Kevin stated that Burnaboy will pay dearly for it.

Taylor is reacting to a social media battle that erupted between Shatta Wale and Burnaboy in early January.

WuzupNigeria had reported that Burna Boy in a post on his IG page challenged Shatta Wale to a one-on-one fight after Shatta continued pushing his agenda of separation between African countries.

Burna Boy told him that he was ready to fight him because no one will ruin the unity people are trying so much to protect.

Kevin who seems to have monitored the events which unfolded on social media called out Burna boy as he stated that his arrogance and complacency is out of this world.

"For Burna Boy to threaten a Ghanian, then it means it's really serious.

"This guy calling himself Burna Boy is talented and good at what he does but he cannot threaten a Ghanian. He cannot sit in Nigeria and tell a Ghanian that he will make life miserable for him.

"That is the lowest pint of artiste. Who is Burna Boy? When did he come? Burna Boy looks like a Mexican. His Torso is no longer than his legs. Apart from Ghana, go to South Africa and play a Nigeria song in a club, they'll shut it down. Let's stop supporting these Nigerians. Let's stop playing his music. He should go to their countries and pay millions for promotion and I don't care, " Kevin Taylor said on his show.

Kevin Taylor added that most Nigerian artistes are wealthy but are running for their lives in their own country.

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