Don't go broke trying to impress people - Actor Okon

Don't go broke trying to impress people - Actor Okon

Nigerian actor and comedian, Ime Bishop, fondly called Okon Lagos or Udo Yes has advised his fans and followers to quit trying to impress people, saying that nobody really cares.

In an Instagram post on Friday, the father of two said that he can't seem to comprehend how people would rather go broke just to look rich.

For him, it is better to go broke, trying to be rich as that only helps you learn the rudiments of life, pick yourself up and soar even higher.

"Why go broke trying to look rich?

"For me it's better to go broke trying to be rich. That way you didn't really lose

"You learnt! You can pick yourself back up, make adjustments, smarter decisions and then win

"Now that's the heart of a damn fighter

"You go broke trying to impress who? You think people really care, If only you know," Okon said.

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