ICYMI: Don't blame us for your 'local champion' status, Nigerian entertainers chide Shatta Wale

Singer, Mr 2Kay had this to say, “We go still come Ghana come flex ❤️ NIGERIANS Lead others follow. Proudly Nigerian 🇳🇬”
Shatta Wale
Shatta WaleWuzupNigeria

Hours after he made his derogatory statement, Nigerian artistes have swooped on Ghanaian singer, Shatta Wale, who they told not to get carried away in the euphoria of his momentary gain.

WuzupNigeria had earlier reported how Wale lashed out at Nigerian entertainers after he recorded an unprecedented success at his recent sold out concert in Ghana.

He screamed, “They said I won’t be able to fill my own stadiums, I don’t need any Nigerian artiste to sell out Ghana’s stadium, f**k Nigerian artistes.”

The rant of the Ghanaian dancehall star didn’t go down well with Nigerian celebrities, some of whom pointed out that they are not his perceived enemies.

A number of artistes also expressed concerns that there wasn’t even a competition in the first place.

Sharing Shatta Wale's video, popular DJ BigN said, “My dear shattawalenima I watched this video more than once. I tried to see your point. We are not the enemy.

"You can’t blatantly say “FxxK Nigerians” and think there won’t be any repercussions. We are not to blame that you are a local champion.

“Stop this bickering and talk true, Naija man don collect your babe again abi?” he asked in Pidgin English.

Comedian Ushbebe also labelled Shatta Wale’s rant, “Useless talk … I no even expect more from am.”

Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, described Shatta Wale's outburst as hate speech against the Nigerian people and demanded an apology.

IK Ogbonna said, “Mr Shattawalenima, you are a total and complete disappointment. In a time where we should be growing together and helping each other through creative collaborations. You should appreciate the Nigerian artiste because a win for any Nigerian artiste is a win for Africa.

"How do you promote unity with utterances like this? This is very weak from you. Deal with your complex issues and grow up. As an artist, I have featured in a few Ghana movies and I have also worked with amazing, adorable Ghanaians here in Nigeria. You should totally apologise for this #hatespeech”

Singer Mr 2Kay had this to say, “We go still come Ghana come flex ❤️ NIGERIANS Lead others follow. Proudly Nigerian 🇳🇬”

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