DJ Dimple Nipple calls out D'Prince for treating her like s3x object

D'Prince, DJ Dimple Nipple
D'Prince, DJ Dimple NippleWuzupNigeria

Disc jockey, dancer and host, Rachel Oluwabukola Martins, better known as DJ Dimple Nipple has called out singer, Charles Enebeli, better known as D'Prince whom she alleged treated her like a s3x object.

In a series of posts on her Instagram story, DJ Dimple Nipple claimed that D'Prince had invited her to a hotel to discuss business but she declined and instead demanded a three-way call.

She said; "So that’s how one celeb blocked me on IG because he asked me to come meet him at the George Ikoyi for a meeting and I said I can’t come meet him there for a meeting and a three way call would be better and Oga blocked me on IG.

"These Nigerian celebs be seeing their lil ass as small gods orisirisi.

"Abeg tell me how do you expect people to grow when you must get in their pants before you can help them, I hate social media drama so much that it’s getting too much at this point.

"You messaged me on IG by yourself that you wanted promotions for your artist and I was kind enough to reply you and you asked for my WhatsApp number only for you to start asking me to come to the George hotel for a meeting.

"Mr how much do you even think you have? Like who tf are you? I pity a lot of young girls trying to grow in this industry”.

"Like why tf will you play with something that outs food on my table? If you want sex don’t you know askamaya??? I’m so pained because I know how I have worked so hard to get to this stage and not with muhfurkas helppppppp.. I’d he didn’t have any bad internation why did he block me after I agreed to the three ways call, why should I meet you in hotel when there are thousands of places to meet you for business chat? Why must it be an hotel?and why did he block me after that?"

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