Death has mind to take my dad away, Controversial rapper Vic O mourns

Death has mind to take my dad away, Controversial rapper Vic O mourns

Rap artiste and internet sensation, Victor Ncha Odu popularly known as Vic O, on Wednesday announced the demise of his father.

A distraught Vic O who broke the news on his Instagram account, stated that he spoke to the old man on Tuesday only to be greeted with the news of his death on Wednesday morning.

In the emotional video that he posted on his Instagram page, he wrote, “I just lost my lovely dad this morning. Death is wicked. We are strangers in the world.

“I have to ask this, why is death so wicked. I am in bankruptcy right now, which I have not settled yet; which I am trying to figure out how I am going to settle it and yet death has the mind to take my dad away.

“I talked to my dad yesterday and he said, ‘my son do not worry, everything will be fine.’ Now, this morning they called me to say that my dad is dead? Why is death so wicked? Why is death so wicked that it snatched my dad’s life like that? I lost my dad just like that. My heart is bleeding. My heart is shattered. I feel so much pain in me.” (sic)

Vic O became an internet sensation in 2015 when he styled himself as the best rapper in the world, a claim that pitched him against some Nigerians on social media.

Many alluded that he was either a junkie or 'high on something.'

He stepped up and trended every other week for his bold claims.

The rapper thrived on controversies and scored major interviews where he made shallow statements such as ‘Jay Z called me… but I don’t have his phone number anymore after I lost my phone."

By 2006, Vic O released a track at the height of a thickened beef between hip-hop artistes Drake and Meek Mill, with bold claim that the song will end the careers of both.

A section of the entertainment buffs amused themselves and were always looking forward to his self-delusion and clownish posts.

PUNCH reported that his father’s death is coming few days after he appealed to fans for bail out.

With cap-in-hand, the rapper declared that he had gone bankrupt.

In a video that he shared on his Instagram page, Vic O moaned, “I don't want to die in silence. So anyhow u can support me u won't regret. Send me dm and if you're truly a fan of me. Anyhow u feel like it will really be helpful.” (sic)

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