Davido's dad taught me humility, simplicity - Mr Marcaroni

Davido's dad taught me humility, simplicity - Mr Marcaroni

Deji Adeleke, Mr Macaroni

Social media act, Debo Adedayo, aka Mr Macaroni has narrated how he learnt humility and simpliciy from Davido's dad, Mr Deji Adeleke.

In a tweet on Wednesday, 'Daddy Wa' as he is fondly called explained that there was a time in his life when Mr Deji Adeleke was responsible for most of his university requirements.

He said that although he abused the access and privilege, it never made Mr Deji Adeleke relent in his generosity towards him.

He said, "When I first got admission into Uni, Dr Deji Adeleke bought me my first laptop ever. For every time I needed money in school, all it took was for me to send a text message

"I abused the access but he remained kind and generous. God bless you chairman. Thank you for everything.

For him, associating with Chairman opened his eyes to another perspective of life, therefore whether or not there is so much hate in the world, the love in his heart will be forever greater.

"This is why I rarely get upset when it comes to these matters.

"Through Chairman, I lernt simplicity, humility, and above all Love

"This and other reasons is why the love in my heart will forver be greater than the hate in the world.

"Love always"

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