Daddy Freeze tackles critics shaming artists for performing at political rallies

Daddy Freeze
Daddy FreezeWuzupNigeria

Media personality, Daddy Freeze, has tackled critics for chastising some Nigerian artistes for performing at political events.

His outburst comes following an online debate on the moral ethics of artistes who register their presence at rallies for politicians.

WuzupNigeria earlier reported how Nollywood Akah Nnani had warned his fellow colleagues to quit performing at political events, stating that they are inadvertently endorsing the political candidates that engaged them.

Reacting to the debate, Freeze said; "PVC and voting is what guarantees election victory not artiste performance.

Also remember that if you don’t want to be a hypocrite, don’t clamp down on artistes alone, remember to include caterers, event venue owners, drink suppliers, ushers, security personnel etc. at the events.

I included the Gospel acts because in Nigeria, gospel is not a calling, rather a business; unless we want to lie to ourselves.🙄

Personally, I will interview any political leader who wants to use my services or my platform, at my current going rate; plus the surcharge for political events/candidates.

Don’t let anyone use emotional blackm@il on you, but also remember to do your job as professionally as possible keep it professional 💯

Interviewing a candidate or performing at an event is different from endorsement, know the difference.
Earn your pay, Nigeria is already hard enough!

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