Christmas: Reactions as Ifu Ennada chides less-privileged follower

Ifu Ennada
Ifu EnnadaWuzupNigeria

Netizens have lambasted reality TV star and entrepreneur, Ifu Ennada, after she chided a follower who begged her for money to cook Christmas rice.

Apparently, a follower had sent her a personal message, begging that she helped her with money so she could cook a meal for christmas as she didn't have the funds to make it work.

"Goodmorning babe, happy Christmas, please help me with money to cook food on Christmas day, I don't have anything to cook, please I beg you in the name of God," the follower said on Friday.

Sharing a screenshot of the followers message, Ifu Ennada said the lady should learn to prioritize.

According to the actress, there is no use running into a debt over a day that Christ didn't ask you to celebrate.

She said; "Not to sound rude, but if you're like this lady who sent me a DM, you need to live according to your means. There is no use entering into a debt over a day that Christ did not ask you to celebrate.

"If she had asked for money to buy medicine, maybe I'll give, but not money to cook Christmas Rice, naaa. Get your priorities right."

Reacting to her post, @evelyn____xx said; "No need broadcasting it. She asked for food. Could have just ignored. You that went on vacation and was posting the pictures small small for 7month🤭

@9ine_marley said; "So if she ask for money for medicine, you will give. But you won’t because it’s money for food that she asked for. Dead that mentality.

@dradanma____ said; "This is not nice,you can give money for medicine but not for food…You prefer them sick?
Not nice not nice

@spotless_jane said; "Priorities are different...Christmas food that’s exactly what she wants not clothes...not medicine..

@_therealjuliet said; "You could have just ignore the dm if you didn’t want to give her anything! All this serenren isn’t necessary 🙄

@callmeudoka said; "This DM is no longer private..she asked you in your DM you should have replied her there. Cloutina

@themythorpe001 said; "All she asked for is money for food fgs !!! Having something to eat during a festive period doesn’t mean she’s not getting her priorities right. She didn’t even ask for cloth or whatever. If you won’t give, there is no point screening it and putting it in the public."

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