Cardi B reacts to Ukraine-Russia crisis, says world leaders need to stop tripping about power

Cardi B

Cardi B


American rapper, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, aka Cardi B, has weighed in on the situation between Russia and Ukraine.

According to the 'WAP' crooner, she isn't standing with Russia or UKraine but with the citizens caught in the middle of it all.

Her statement comes after a tweep questioned her stance on the Ukraine- Russia crisis.

"Wonder what @iamcardib thinks about this whole Russia thing," a tweep had asked.

Quoting the tweep's post, the 29-year-old said; "Wish these world leaders stop tripping about power and really think about whose really getting affected (citizens) besides the whole world is in a crisis.

"War, sanctions, invasions should be the last thing these leaders should worry about."

Worrying that her fans and followers might think her phone had been hacked, the mother of two then shared a video saying; "The phone is not hacked, it’s really me,’ she told followers.

"I actually wanna say a lot of things but I’m just gonna mind my business because sometimes I feel like I have such a big platform that if I don’t say the right things, I might get killed.

"But I’m really not on Nato’s side, I’m really not on Russia’s side, I’m actually on the citizens side because at the end of the day the world is having a crisis right now.

"There’s inflation, not only in America but everywhere in the world. It’s really hard to get the economy back up. There is so much shipments and embarkments backed up.

"China’s not really messing with us so a lot of things are behind, a lot of goods are behind and this s**t just made it way more complicated"

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