Cameronian singer Dencia wants history of slavery expunged from school curriculum

Cameronian singer Dencia wants history of slavery expunged from school curriculum

Popular Cameronian singer, Reprudencia Sonkey, known professionally as Dencia, has vowed that she will ensure her kids are homeschooled.

The controversial artiste explained that she made the resolution because she has observed that today's children are being compelled to learn about slavery and black civilisation in schools.

Dencia stated in an Instagram post that she found it puzzling that people are still teaching black slavery in the 21st Century.

According to her, there are far positive things to discuss and depict about modern coloured people than delving into the dark ages.

The entrepreneur and fashion designer also pointed out that such knowledge, which may not achieve anything good, can further cause black kids to be bullied, laughed at, or mocked by other races, an act she can't stand.

"Why are we still teaching black kids about slavery in 2021?

"Why are people still paying to take tours around places where slaves were housed? Do you understand how that mentally messes up people and turns people into angry people?

"How about we start pushing for them to teach kids about black success stories? Black excellence, teach them how successful black people became successful and are becoming successful daily

"Ways they can grow up and be a success story themselves, success stories are empowering, there is a whole continent full of black successful people called Africa but i n 2021 they are still teaching Americans only about slavery VS real life shit, how does my child understanding and knowing slavery help them in 2021 except make them angry?

"I know men and women who are multimillionaires in America, great lives but still mad about things like slavery that even their grandparents weren't part of directly, see how that mind fucks people? why is someone with a great life and opportunity still dwelling on slavery that will land him in trouble cuz he hates others

"Let's leave angry, sad stories and embrace success stories, share and teach it

"Most of HISTORY IS A WHOLE LIE, as I watch documentaries, they make more sense than the shit they taught me in school. The world is such a lie plus an illusion

"In Africa, most history taught makes you hate Caucasians, In America, most history taught literally mind fucks the black kids to think less of themselves when.

"The black slave history stories can even make black kids get bullied, laughed at or mocked by none black kids, y'all come from kings and queens, some of your bloodline and relatives are wealthy and royalty....Anyways my kids will be home schooled," she said.

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