Bridesmaid uninvited from friend’s wedding for looking ‘too good’ in her dress

Alena Yildiz

Alena Yildiz

The Insider

A German woman who was supposed to be a bridesmaid in her close friend’s wedding said she was uninvited for looking "too good" in the dress that the bride chose for her.

The lady identified as Alena Yildiz, a 21-year-old model, revealed on social media that she was removed from the bridal party at the last minute after the bride noticed she looked too good in her dress.

According to The Insider, Alena revealed in a video that "My close friend uninvited me to her wedding because she thought I looked too good in the dress she chose for me.

She further said she was due to be a bridesmaid at the wedding in early December, alongside five other women, before her friend said she felt upstaged, upset and thereafter cancelled her invitation.

She added that “We got into a f!ght because it made no sense to me since she chose that dress herself," she was quoted saying.

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