BBNaija: Your 'extreme' intimate acts, stupid, Whitemoney tells Queen

BBNaija: Your 'extreme' intimate acts, stupid, Whitemoney tells Queen
Whitemoney, QueenFile

BBNaija housemate Whitemoney has urged Queen against her ‘extra kissing’ and other extreme activities, describing them as ‘stupid acts.’

The entrepreneur gave her this advice after the Friday night Jacuzzi Party.

He made it clear to her that some of the 'extreme' intimate activities that happen between herself and Cross under the influence of alcohol is a stupid act that could stop her from attaining her political ambition, a goal she had earlier discussed with him.

"From the things you’ve told me, I’m trying to protect you because things like this can scatter those kind of things.

"You don’t want to be a candidate that is known for misbehaving when she’s in a certain kind of level.

"I’ve seen some people lose government positions because of some things," White money said.

Queen retorted, "In this house. I’ve not done anything stupid. If I wanted to do something stupid, I’d have done something with Boma.”

In response Whitemoney said; "That’s what you’ll say. See, those extra kissing, pressing, and all those things is a stupid act. I promise you, it is. For those things you want to do? It is.

Referring to her political ambition, Whitemoney added, “Except you don’t wanna do that thing full time because it’s a very stupid act, trust me.”

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