BBNaija: You can't bully me, I will show you pepper, Angel tells Boma

BBNaija: You can't bully me, I will show you pepper, Angel tells Boma
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On Thursday, a fierce clash broke out between Boma and Angel as the she stated that she would 'show him pepper' outside the house if he thought he could bully her.

During the argument, Boma had told Angel that coming to BBNaija was and would be her greatest achievement.

The comment angered Angel and she lambasted him, telling him that he would see what would become of her after the show.

Boma said; "This will be your biggest achievement in your life. Look at this idiot.

"You are a bast*rd and a mental ill patient...

"See this child that should be sucking her mom’s breast."

In response Angel said, "I made it here and it’s a big deal and if it’s not you wouldn’t be here at your age.

"You’re looking for who to use for highlight. You’re mad, you’re forming bad boy here for who? Don’t act like a saint.

"I worked to be in this house, don’t ever speak to me in this house. You’re a mad person.

“Don’t ever in your life tell me this will be my biggest achievement.

“Don’t ever mention my family in your life, you cannot bully me. We would meet outside.

“At your age, you’re here with me, a 21-year-old. We are on the same level. You’re just a child.

"You say that this will be my biggest achievement? I’ve not shown you anything, Boma.

"I will show you pepper. Boma, you are crazy. Are you mad? Don’t ever in your life say that to me."

The argument started when Boma claimed that Angel called him a ‘kiss and tell’ after he told Pere that they kissed in the Executive lounge.

Earlier in the show, Boma and Angel got into the executive lounge and promised not to tell other housemates what happened in there.

But Boma spilled what they had promised to keep a secret triggering the argument.

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