BBNaija: What I love most about Maria -Whitemoney

BBNaija: What I love most about Maria -Whitemoney
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Big Brother Naija season six housemate, Whitemoney, has stated that his attraction towards ex-housemate Maria was because he saw what he needed in her.

Speaking with fellow housemate Jaypaul on Wednesday, Whitemoney said that he is particularly attracted to people with organisational skills.

Whitemoney said, “I look at the simplest things, how you arrange your wardrobe, how you stack the plates in the kitchen. Those things are the little elements I think should come with a person that they do not need to be told.”

He also stated that while he had no problem with his lady not having culinary or other certain skills, he has his reservations about women who are careless with money, “because, while these other things can be taught, once you are careless with money, you’re careless with money.”

Responding to this, Jaypaul said, “I feel that was why you were attracted to Maria, I think you really loved her brains.”

“Good, there is no cap (lie) in that,” Whitemoney affirmed, adding that “I saw it immediately and I said, ‘This is what I want.’

“In fact, not what I want, this is what I need,” he said.

Reminiscing on her days as the head of house in the fourth week of the show, Whitemoney commended for her organisational skills which enabled her to handle the position effectively.

“You saw the way she was head of house. Did you see how calculative she was? Even if she was headstrong, did you see how everything was sequencing and falling into place?” he asked.

“She was actually very smart. She’s very smart, ” Jaypaul said in response.