BBNaija: I won't kiss or grab Angel boobs, Whitemoney reassures Queen of commitment

Queen, Whitemoney
Queen, Whitemoney

Whitemoney has reassured his love interest, Queen about his commitment, adding that nobody in the house can take him away from her.

This is just as he pledged to avoid getting intimate or flirt with co-housemate, Angel, at any point in time.

The Lagos-based businessman stated this in the wee hours of Saturday, day 63 of the show, as the duo laid together in the garden, after the Jacuzzi Party.

Whitemoney urged Queen that though they’re not married, he would love her to remain loyal to him, insisting that no housemate is in competition with her.

The appeal is coming on the heel of Friday Jacuzzi Party where a tipsy Queen let loose and flirted with some of the male housemates while an unhappy Whitemoney looked on.

WuzupNigeria had reported last week that Whitemoney had warned her that all her random kisses were a silly act that would amount to zilch.

In a recent occurrence, he said, "I know we’re not dating and we’re not husband and wife. But if you want to be with me as your companion, no problem.

''As you said you want to have such a relationship with me, my sister, you will be focused. As I am now, I cannot say I want to kiss Angel or grab her boobs. I wouldn’t do all that. Even now, if loyalty was a person, you’re supposed to be beside me.

Queen in response said, ''Oh, so you now know what loyalty is. You feel my pain now. I hope you feel the pain I felt a few weeks ago.

Queen was clearly referring to Whitemoney’s involvement with Jackie B before the latter got evicted.

During the period, Queen had told Whitemoney that he should pay her more attention than the divided attention she got.

Reassuring her that the past occurrence will not repeat itself, he said“Who is your competition now? Who wants to ‘collect’ me from you in this house? Nobody."

According to him, “I’m not feeling any pain. I’m normal. There’s no pain."

Whitemoney further advised that if she feels tempted to get intimate with other housemates, she should do it behind his back and not to his face.

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