Alex Unusual laments trauma after witnessing accident in Lekki

Alex Unusual laments trauma after witnessing accident in Lekki
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Reality TV star and model Alex Asogwa, aka Alex unusual, has lamented about being traumatized after witnessing an accident in the Lekki area of Lagos.

In an Instagram post she shared on Saturday, Alex narrated how she and her friend saw an accident victim convulsing on the floor after being hit along the road.

Although she was a bit reluctant at first to help, after thinking on it for a while, she and her friend decided to make a u-turn.

She, however, stated that what shocked her the most was how people just moved like nothing was happening and it got her wondering how Nigerians got to the point of not even having empathy.

"I need to sleep. On my way home, just before the Lekki tollgate, we saw a boy convulsing on the floor almost in the middle of the road. He had just been hit by a car.

"It was too late for us to stop and by the time we made the turn back, some people have put him on a bike and rushed him to the hospital.

"I had to join the woman to scream abeg in confused state as the bike man was a bit reluctant.

"My friend is pissed because of the way I screamed and said we should turn back but how did we get here Nigerian? Cars were just passing like nothing happened. I’ve heard you get into trouble for helping people in such cases but this broke my heart.

"I’ve never witnessed something like this in my life, my day is ruined, I pray he survives and I hope I feel better when I get little rest," she said.

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