Actress Victoria Inyama under fire for tackling Pastor Funke over latest advice to women

Pastor Funke Adejumo, Victoria Inyama

Pastor Funke Adejumo, Victoria Inyama


Veteran actress, Victoria Inyama, has come under fire after she lambasted popular preacher, Funke Adejumo, for advising married women to stop airing their husbands’ dirty linen in public.

In a video making the rounds on the internet, Pastor Funke had said that airing one's husbands dirty linen in public is a wrong move.

According to her, there is no perfect husband anywhere.

"I'm saying this to those of you that are married, cover your husband's nakedness, there is no perfect husband anywhere, stop celebrating your husband's failures.

"You are now an awakened woman, is it because people are not telling you their stories, do you know what people have gone through and are going through.

"But you talk about your husband everywhere in the neighborhood, everybody knows your story, it's not right," she said.

Reacting to the video, the divorced mother of three took out time to dissect Pastor Funke's opinion on marital issues.

In a bid to water-down the preacher's opinion, Victoria said that for all the time she had followed her preaching or conferences, she had always looked for a way to talk only about the 'woman' as a wife.

Victoria urged Pastor Funke against enabling abuse as no bad behaviour deserved to be hidden.

"Madam Preacher....Almost all your attacks are on women... the fact that you wear the trousers in your marriage doesn't mean you should keep attacking women...

"You only talk about what the woman should or should not do...always....I can't even place your husband's face...Are you home long enough to do all you preach? Cause I see you in different countries most times...Marriage is a union between '2' people...there's no 'Perfect'...I would love to hear your husband preach about you, if he ever does.

"And stop enabling abuse...only bad behaviour needs to be hidden," she said.

Reacting to her outburst, said; "I'm not sure why she's attacking the Pastor on this one.

"The pastor wasn't talking about abusive situations here. It's simple: nobody is perfect; the wife isn't either.

"Man/woman, don't air the imperfections of your spouse in public. You wouldn't want them to do that to you either.

"This is not even a controversial issue, in my opinion, it's a basic expectation in marriage.

@boskeke_is_thankful said; "How’s Mama Funke’s advice enabling abuse and bad behavior? No respect whatsoever, just cos there’s freedom to talk

@hayorsamuel said; "SMH, so many bitter people trying to find justification for their failed life choices instead of learning and becoming a better person.

"I can never listen to what a ‘Victoria’ has to say over Mama Felix Adejumo, laye 🚶🏽‍♂️

@adorabledekaa said; "Victoria please respect yourself, you must not comment honestly.

"If you cannot comprehend the simply thing she said about marriage, kindly rest biko!!!

@ujum2002 said; "Me I think it should be a two-way thing, since nah two pipu dey inside the marriage. Therefore, husbands should 'cover' their wives; wives should 'cover' husbands as well. Since nah cover-cover levels e be. 🚶"

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