10 sensitive topics to avoid on a first date

First dates are supposed to be an opportunity to get to get acquainted with that 'special' someone you just met hence the need for fun and light date.
10 sensitive topics to avoid on a first date

First dates are supposed to be an opportunity to get to get acquainted with that 'special' someone you just met hence the need for fun and light date.

It is also an opportunity for you to figure out if you’d like to see them again and maybe get to know them more.

In other words, first dates are not the time for you and your crush to feel depressed about what’s going on in the news or tackle heavy topics that can dampen the fun.

WuzupNigeria brings you 10 sensitive topics that you should avoid on your first date.

1. Anything to do with politics

We cannot but emphasize this enough. Discussing politics on a first date can cause people to become passionate or angry and even clash over their different opinions. You’ve presumably established you’re not at entirely opposite ends of the spectrum before you’ve even met up, so why get into the nitty-gritty so soon?

2. Your ideas about religion

This can come up later but not on a first date. This topic should be avoided for pretty much the same reasons you’d avoid getting elbow-deep into politics: it’s sensitive and can lead to arguments.

3. All things sexual

You might want to have sex on the first date and that’s cool if it feels right, but talking about sex can be a little too much albeit too soon. You want to make sure that you have other things in common besides sexual attraction to each other.

4. Money problems or earnings

Wait, is this a job interview? Who talks about money on the first date? If you’re discussing things like your income or how bad your debt is, this can make the date feel too heavy.

5. Too much information about your ex

While it’s cool to touch on the subject of exes with information on how long you’ve been single and what caused the end of your previous relationship, you don’t want to get too stuck on the subject. It can make your date feel like you’re not over the past or that you’re drilling them about theirs. Give a basic overview and move on.

6. Your deal breakers

While it’s great to talk about what you’re looking for in a relationship, it might be a bit too much to give each other a list of your deal-breakers. It can feel daunting like you’ve got a whole list of things that they’d better not do – and you're not even sure of the next date yet!

7. Family trauma and drama

It’s good to get to know more about the person you’re dating and what type of family they have. It gives you some insight into who they are, but now’s not the time to talk about family issues and drama. This is a first date, not a session with a psychologist! Plus, why give so much private information about yourself right away?

8. Your need to get married

Maybe you can see that you and the guy are on the same page when it comes to what you’re looking for in a relationship, but don’t get ahead of yourself by talking about marriage, how much you want to have a big wedding, and so on. That should only come later when you've gotten to know each other better but definitely not on a first date.

9. Your 'ideal' home

Come on! We are barely past the stage of knowing each other's names and you are already burdening me about how many kids you want to have, where you want to live and what not, what ever happened to just chilling and having fun? You don't want to move too fast for your date so you don't scare them away.

10. How you expect your partner to look

How would you feel if someone you hardly know walked up to you and starts talking about how they expect their partner to dress, or speak? Let me guess, you have that disgusted look on your face right? Exactly, then don't subject your date to such scrutiny, at least not on the first date.

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