10 great movies to watch on Valentine's Day

So if you intend to have an intimate dinner with your patner, here are 10 movies to watch on Valentines day.
Bolanle Ninalowo

Bolanle Ninalowo


Nollywood is notable for its romance and comedies. That is why it is the best pick for couple and lovers to get intimate with. You will get to see big celebrities such as Adesuwa etomi, Dakore Akande, Funke Akindele, Lydia Forson and so on.

So if you intend to have an intimate dinner with your patner, here are 10 movies to watch on Valentine's Day.

1. Fifty:

When you watch 'Fifty', you will see the lives, work and romance of four women—Tolu, Maria, Kate, and Elizabeth—approaching their fifties. Each of them has a unique problem. Tolu is a popular reality TV star with a chaotic marriage; 49-year-old Maria has a secret affair with a married man which leads to unwanted pregnancy; Kate suffers from a life-threating disease and Elizabeth is an illustrious obstetrician with a taste for men half her age.

2. Two weeks in Lagos

A businessman returns home to Nigeria and falls in love with a friend’s sister despite his family’s approval of him to marry a politician’s daughter.

3. Falling

Muna's life becomes chaotic when her husband, Imoh, gets into an accident that lands him in a deep coma. Against the advice of family and friends and amidst financial difficulty, she refuses to give up on him. She later began to have a complicated life when she develops feelings for the doctor overseeing her husband's case.

4. The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

A disappointing chef tries to help her parents restore their falling hotel but develop feelings for an investor through her cooking, He then decided to own the property together with her.

5. Isoken

Isoken is a 34-year-old successful spinster keeps everyone worried by not being able to get at her age. She went from being single to being divided between two handsome men, the successful Osaze and the photographer Kelvin.

6. Dear Affy

An engaged couple face lots of challenges on their road to matrimony including major career complications and questions of fidelity.

7. Okafor's Law

Chuks insistently proves the infamous Okafor's Law to his friends, Upon that, he takes a bet that he can be in bed with three old flames within six weeks but ended up the toast of his own game.

8. Tango with me

A newly married couple goes in a journey through self-discovery and healing while dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event on their wedding night.

9. Picture Perfect

This is about finding love in the strangest of places. Kunmbi, a well-off fashion designer gets rescued by Jobe, an agbero (Lagos thug), when her car developed fault late in the night in his territory. Their fortunate meeting soon turns to a nightmare for her when he sets an "office" close to her shop.

Search for Bolanle Ninalowo, who acted as Jobe in this emotional story; Which is a contrast to his role in Americanah and playboy characters.

10. Kasanova

After a man lost his wife, he became a single father who indulged in flimsy flings until he met his son’s music teacher, who imparts a few lessons on love.

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