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Egypt heads to poll amid Gaza unrest


Egyptians are set to participate in a three-day presidential election starting on Sunday, amidst the backdrop of the Gaza war and a severe domestic economic crisis.

Incumbent President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi, an ex-army chief, is anticipated to secure a third term despite domestic concerns over rising inflation.

Al-Sissi’s focus on addressing the potential displacement of Gazans to Egypt due to the Israeli offensive has garnered him support, as he emphasizes the impact on the Palestinian cause and warns against turning the Sinai Peninsula into a launchpad for attacks against Israel.

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While facing three other candidates—Farid Zahran, Abdel-Sanad Yamama, and Hazem Omar—Al-Sissi has largely refrained from campaign interviews.

Instead, his diplomatic engagements on the Gaza situation, including press conferences and a public speech, have contributed to his visibility.

Giant billboards featuring Al-Sissi’s image dominate Cairo, overshadowing those of his competitors.

Polling stations across Egypt, numbering over 9,300, will be open for 12 hours daily.

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Approximately 67 million eligible voters will cast their ballots, with final official results expected on December 18.

The election unfolds against a complex backdrop of regional conflict and domestic challenges, with Al-Sissi navigating issues of public concern to secure another term in office.