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Drunk woman faces DUI charges for ramming car into tombstones


Memorial Day veterans' cemetary crash drunk woman Denver

An unidentified woman is facing a Driving-under-the-influence (DUI) charge for crashing into several gravestones at the veterans’ cemetery in Denver, United States, on Memorial Day.
In US, Driving under the influence is the offence of driving, operating, or being in control of a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other drugs (including recreational drugs and those prescribed by physicians), to a level that renders the driver incapable of operating a motor vehicle safely.

According to Denver police, the woman who had two female occupants in her car was under the influence of alcohol or another intoxicant as she sideswiped two vehicles at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver before ramming into the headstones.

Metro UK reported that the woman drove into the lawn and destroyed the tombstones on the holiday on Monday honouring military personnel who have died in service.

Further reports revealed that her actions left few headstones ripped out of the ground while some were even split in half and the exact number of damaged headstones was not immediately known.

Photos from the scene showing a damaged red car stopped amid the headstones were tweeted by Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas, who was visiting the cemetery.

‘Traffic jam going to Dad’s grave at Ft Logan,’ Thomas tweeted late afternoon on Monday. ‘There’s a car in between headstones. Saw an officer cuff a woman and walk her away. Hope no one got hurt.’

However, reports revealed that the unidentified woman and passengers remained at the scene until cops arrived.

The police have confirmed she is due to face a DUI charge.