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Drug gang ambush Colombian soldiers, kill four


Agency Report

Four soldiers were killed Sunday in an ambush in northwestern Colombia that the army attributed to the Gulf Clan, the country’s largest drug trafficking gang.

The attack was the latest in a series of deadly clashes between authorities and the group since its leader, known as Otoniel, was captured last month.

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Sunday’s ambush “perpetrated by criminals of the Gulf Clan” killed a captain, a corporal and two army soldiers “who were protecting the community” in the department of Antioquia, regional commander General Juvenal Diaz wrote on Twitter.

The attack was the third against members of the armed forces in the last two weeks, with at least seven soldiers killed.

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All the attacks occurred in Antioquia, where Otoniel, whose real name is Dario Antonio Usuga, was arrested on October 23 in an operation involving 500 police and military personnel.

Authorities have portrayed the raids as retaliation for the arrest of Usuga, whom Colombia intends to extradite to the United States where he is wanted for drug trafficking.

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In Colombia, he faces 26 arrest warrants for homicide, terrorism, child recruitment and kidnapping, among other crimes.