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Dr. Dre wins legal divorce battle against wife as judge rules that he doesn’t have to pay $6.5M


American music mogul, Dr. Dre, has won a battle in court against his estranged wife, Nicole Young. The judge in their divorce case just rejected Nicole’s request for $1.5 million to pay for various expenses, including security.

Also, the judge rejected her request to accelerate her claim that Dre should pay $5 million for her lawyer’s fees and other costs, TMZ stated.

One of Nicole’s lawyers was in court to tell the judge that Nicole needed the $1.5 million for security because she has been receiving death threats.

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The money would also go for other expenses. The lawyer said that some of the people commenting on the divorce have said things like, ‘If she dies, she dies,’ ‘For a small fee she can disappear.’

The judge rejected her claim, in part because she got rid of her security team that Dre was paying for. She claimed Dre was too controlling and she wanted to hire security on her team.

She claimed that the beatmaker threatened to fire the security if they didn’t follow his orders.

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The judge rejected her request, and Dre’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, told the judge Dre is still willing to pay all of Nicole’s expenses pending the divorce, including security.

The judge ordered that Nicole could select a private security company for her personal protection, but it can’t cost more than Dre was paying.

Nicole’s lawyers also asked the judge to move up the hearing on their attorney’s fees specifically, they’re asking Dre to pay $5 million in lawyer’s fees and costs for Nicole.

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The hearing was set for January but the lawyers wanted it held this month. The judge rejected the request.

In rejecting Nicole’s arguments, the judge noted there are serious domestic violence and custody cases he has to deal with, and this is not in the same universe.

The judge did say, however, if Dre exercised control over Nicole, she could file for a restraining order.