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Don’t flout COVID-19 protocols, doctors urge Nigerians


Dr. Badmus Habeeb, President of ARD-UITH, spoke with the Newsmen on Thursday in Ilorin, said the second wave of the virus was worse than the previous one.

Habeeb said this was due to the combined effect of new strains and poor preventive and control measures.

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“This is evident by the increased transmissibility, virulence, and fatality compared to the first wave.

“We now, even have younger age group coming down with moderate to severe symptoms, sometimes even death due to respiratory failure,” he said.

Habeeb said there was lethargy on the side of the government and the public in intensifying the appropriate measures toward combating the second wave

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“This pathway only increases mortality and morbidity, especially to the most vulnerable group,” he warned.

The president said that the association was trying its best for prompt diagnosis, in spite of the lack of necessary equipment like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and laboratories.