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Donated blood no longer useful after 36 days – Red Cross


Donated blood no longer useful after 36 days – Red Cross

The Nigerian Red Cross on Monday says blood units voluntarily donated for transfusion can no longer be used after 36 days.

The statement was made by the branch secretary of Lagos Red Cross, Olakunle Lasisi at a webinar organised by PUNCH Media Foundation in commemoration of the 2021 World Blood Donor Day.

Lasisi disclosed that when blood is taken out of the human body for transfusion, it has to be used within 36 days.

“Such blood cannot go beyond 36 days. Otherwise, it can no longer be deployed for transfusion,” he said.

According to him, the humanitarian body carries out an annual voluntary blood donation drive where it encourages out its members, which comprises 75 per cent of youths to voluntarily donate toward saving lives.

“We conduct the drive mostly at our annual camping and world blood donor commemoration day when the bulk of youths converge. We usually attract them with the theme ‘Give blood, save lives’ which actually reflects our core mission.

“Some organisations also approach us for similar blood drives. We will appreciate it if media like PUNCH can partner with us to reach lots of people and create awareness,” he said.

The Red Cross secretary further disclosed that the body has a database of each member donor for a reference point and easy accessibility.

According to him, they often raise about 100,000 to 200,000 pints during their annual voluntary blood drive exercise.

“The highest we ever achieved was almost 1,000 pints which were achieved before the outbreak of COVID-19,” he said.