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Digital Underground’s lead vocalist, Shock G, dies at 57


American rapper and lead vocalist for the hip hop group Digital Underground, Gregory Jacobs aka Shock G, is dead.

He died aged 57.

The rap legend was found dead on Thursday in a hotel room in Tampa … according to his father, Edward Racker.

Shock G is mostly famous for Digital Underground’s hit song “The Humpty Dance” and his work with Tupac Shakur.

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According to TMZ, the cause of death is still unclear but there were no signs of trauma.

Shock’s father says authorities will conduct an autopsy.

Shock G was born and raised on the East Coast, but he eventually settled in Oakland, where he formed Digital Underground in the late 1980s with Chopmaster J and Kenneth Water.

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In addition to his work with 2Pac, Shock G produced songs for Dr Dre, Prince and KRS-One, just to name a few.