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Diddy’s son Christian accused of sexual assault


Sean “Diddy” Combs’ 26-year-old son, Christian “King” Combs, has allegedly been accused by Grace O’Marcaigh of sexually assaulting her while she was an employee on his father’s yacht.

This was made known via a new complaint filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court and obtained by NBC News; O’Marcaigh accused Christian of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and infliction of emotional distress while she was working on a boat chartered by the rapper for a trip in late December 2022.

She said in the filing that she was 25 years old and worked as a steward on the yacht, providing dinner and drink service to guests from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

During her shift, she said she saw a “constant rotation of suspected sex workers” and celebrities partying and taking drugs.

She claimed in the complaint that on Dec. 28, 2022, Christian boarded the yacht to record with music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, who also filed a lawsuit accusing Diddy of sexual assault. She alleged that when Diddy’s son came aboard, he was “heavily intoxicated” and paid particular attention to her.

O’Marcaigh then claimed in the complaint that he pressured her to take a shot of tequila, and after she took the drink, he became aggressive and tried to get her to drink more. She said she “quickly suspected” that the tequila had been spiked — after previously witnessing other women fall over and pass out after one drink — and became fearful of its effects. She claimed that things then “escalated,” and Christian allegedly began groping her body and private parts.

The complaint claimed to have audio recordings taken by Jones where she was declining alcohol, saying she had to leave and telling Christian Combs to stop touching her with what sounds like kissing noises in the background.”

O’Marcaigh said in the complaint that she could finally leave the studio and attempted to return to her duties. However, she told Christian to find her again later in the night and insisted that she find him a place to sleep. She claimed that after she directed him to the yacht cinema, which was another sleeping space, he blocked her in and began groping her.

She alleged that he had “grabbed her arms” and was trying to “force” her to “perform oral sex on him,” and even included photos of bruising on her arms that she claimed were caused by Christian grabbing her. O’Marcaigh said she fought him off until someone else walked into the room.

She said in the filing that she complained to the yacht captain the next day but alleged that he did not believe her and did not investigate. She also claimed he retaliated against her until she was let go a few months later, in May 2023.

Following her job termination, she claimed in the lawsuit that her mental health deteriorated, and she suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, and severe suicidal ideations. She also claimed she developed an eating disorder and epileptic seizures as a result of the incident.

Diddy was also named as a defendant in the lawsuit for aiding and abetting his son in the alleged assault and under premises liability as the person who chartered the yacht.

Like father, like son. It gives us no joy or pleasure in filing this suit against Christian Combs,” O’Marcaigh’s attorney Tyrone Blackburn said in a statement.

” I applaud Grace for being so brave to come forward with her truth,” her other attorney, Rodney S. Diggs, added.”Hopefully, her story will inspire others to come forward.”

Representatives for Diddy and Christian did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the lawsuit.

The allegations, meanwhile, are the latest in a string of lawsuits alleging abuse that the rapper is facing, though he has previously denied all accusations.

Last week, federal agents raided his homes in Miami and Los Angeles. However, no charges have yet been filed. Homeland Security Investigations New York, which executed the search warrants, did not reveal many details about the searches and told journalists in a statement that they were “part of an ongoing investigation.”

Following the searches, Diddy’s attorney, Aaron Dyer, told journalists, “There has been no finding of criminal or civil liability with any of these allegations. Mr. Combs is innocent and will continue to fight daily to clear his name.”