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Deadly nightclub fire claims 13 lives in Spain


A devastating nightclub fire in Murcia, southeastern Spain, has resulted in the tragic loss of at least 13 lives, marking the deadliest nightclub fire in the country in decades.

There are concerns that the death toll may rise as emergency services continue to search for more victims.

The fire erupted in the early hours of the morning at the Teatre venue in Murcia. The exact cause of the blaze remains unknown.

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Four individuals, including two women aged 22 and 25, and two men aged 41 and 45, sustained injuries due to smoke inhalation and were rushed to the hospital.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez conveyed his condolences, posting on social media, “My love and solidarity with the victims and families of the tragic fire that occurred this morning in a nightclub in Murcia.”

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Emergency services responded swiftly to the incident, with local firefighters calling in helicopter assistance to combat the blaze.

The fire in Murcia is the deadliest nightclub fire in Spain in 33 years, with the last major incident occurring in 1990 when a nightclub blaze in Zaragoza claimed the lives of 43 people.

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Three days of mourning have been declared in the city of Murcia for the victims of this devastating nightclub fire.

An information area has been established for the families of the victims, where a team of psychologists will provide support to those affected by this tragic event.