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DCP Abba Kyari alerts on malicious write-ups to tarnish his name


Deputy Police Commissioner, DCP Abba Kyari, has alerted the public about malicious write-ups which will be released by armed robbers and their family to tarnish his name.

In a statement he issued on social media, Abba Kyari said that the grouse they have against him is that he has been able to put an end to crime empires.

He urged the public to ensure that they demand proof concerning the allegation which will be labelled against him.

His statement comes hours after a businessman accused him of extorting N41 million when he was in charge of the now-disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, in Lagos.

The statement reads: “We will like to draw your attention to the fact that in as much as Overwhelming Majority of Good Nigerians love DCP Abba Kyari and his team for all the Good Work they have done for our country in Fighting deadly Armed robbers, Kidnappers and Terrorist across the country.

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“You should all know that he is the most hated Man to all the Armed robbers, Kidnappers, Terrorist and other criminals in this Country. He is hated by those Armed robbers/Kidnappers/Terrorist that are either out there operating now or those like Evans that are in the Prisons today because of him and their Family members who are benefiting or benefitted from their Crimes, Hence they will try their best to Spoil his hard-earned name for ending Big Crime empires built by the likes of Evans, Godogodo, Vampire, Umar Abdulmajid and many others.

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“Expect some Malicious and false write-ups from such Armed robbers/Kidnappers/Other Criminals and their family members who will sit in their rooms and write false stories and post on Social Media or write false Petitions against Some good officers who refused to compromise, Nigerians should always hear from both sides before believing any of such stories.

“We want Nigerians to ask for proof from them because we all know how haters can sit in the comfort of their rooms and write many false stuff sometimes attached Pictures and send on Social Media.

“Pls, we want People with Genuine cases to come forward with their Evidence and be advised to go to the judiciary or any independent body to report their case so that it will be investigated. Not posting falsehood on Social Media and lying that you called DCP Abba Kyari on Phone and falsely Quoting his response in one of their False write-ups. The Brave officer will never be demoralized or Distracted by Armed robbers/Kidnappers, Their Families or Lawyers. He will continue his fight to ensure all Armed robbers/Kidnappers/Terrorist are brought to justice in this country.

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“We concerned Nigerians are ready to take legal action against any group of Criminals who will be writing falsehood and circulating on Social Media against Good Police Officers who are the nemesis of all the deadly Armed robbers.”