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Customs dismiss officers found with ammunition


In a bid to instill discipline in its officials, the Nigeria Customs Service has dismissed some officers who were found to be with arms and ammunition inside the nation’s seaports.

The NCS National Public Relations Officer, Abdullahi Maiwada, made this disclosure during a Television Programme monitored in Lagos on Wednesday.

Maiwada said that the present leadership of the NCS will reward hard work but punish recalcitrant officers.

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We have laid down procedures and punishments on ensuring punitive measures on those who are not doing well. I think we need to balance between carrot and stick. It is not only about punishing but it is about having an equilibrium when it comes to somebody who is doing very well and someone who has failed in his responsibility,” he said.

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Maiwada also said that the NCS prioritizes service delivery over revenue generation.

On the issue of bureaucracy in the clearing of goods at the ports, Maiwada said that there are many agencies involved in the process and it is the synergy in the operations of these agencies that will enhance trade.

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The harmony we have within the sub-system, the automation and the simplification in the processes of clearing your goods and the infrastructures required to move the items out of the ports are important. So we are working assiduously with all the relevant stakeholders to ensure smooth flow of trade within and out of Nigeria,” he said.