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Custom blames valuation officers for revenue loss


The Nigeria Customs Service has accused valuation officers of not following proper procedures when examining and releasing imported used vehicles. This has allegedly led to a loss of revenue, according to a new circular issued by the agency.


In the circular titled “Re Conduct of examination and release of used vehicles,” the Customs Service said officers failed to refer imported vehicles to valuation seats to verify the trim and assign appropriate values. Instead, they have just been applying base values.


It has been observed with great concern that examination and valuation officers are not complying with the procedure for examination, valuation, and release of used vehicles. Part of the circular reads


The circular, signed by Assistant Comptroller General Tariff and Trade C.K Niagwan, directs officers to re-orient themselves on the correct procedures to prevent further revenue losses.


“You are requested to re-orient all examination and valuation officers of this procedure to prevent further loss of revenue. Ensure strict compliance”. Another part of the circular stated


Licensed customs agents have reacted by saying the new process will cause delays in clearing imported vehicles. 


Youth leader of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents, Remilekun Sikiru, said the Vehicles Identification Number should handle valuations.


Sikiru also stated that clearing used car imports will take longer with additional verification steps.