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Cosmetic surgery not worth the risk, you go under the knife for a man, he still cheats on you- Queeneth Agbor


Nigerian actress and media personality, Queeneth Agbor, has advised ladies thinking of going for cosmetic surgery to be proud of their bodies.

The University of Calabar graduate noted that going under the knife was not worth the risk.

She said,

“In my opinion, cosmetic surgery is not worth the risk. Everybody should be proud of their bodies like I’m proud of mine. The after-effects of cosmetic surgery are scary. When I watch a television show where botched cosmetic surgeries are shown, I wonder why people put themselves through such horror.

“Some ladies go under the knife because of men and inferiority complex, yet those men end up cheating on them. I’m not judging anyone but I don’t think it’s worth the risk. There’s always something that could go wrong with the implant after a while. You should learn to make people love you the way you are.”

Agbor also stated that one of her most embarrassing moments on set was when she had to kiss an actor who was married to her cousin’s best friend.

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She said,

“My most embarrassing moment on set was having to act with an actor that is married to my cousin’s best friend. Almost all our scenes were intimate and there was a particular one that almost freaked me out.

“Because I was nervous, it was as if I was seeing his wife and my cousin staring at us and asking why we were intimate. For the first time on set before the cameras started rolling, I had to take shots of alcohol to remind myself we were just acting. Sadly, the alcohol didn’t work because he was someone I hung out with alongside his wife.”

The actress also maintained that she wouldn’t stop acting, no matter how crowded the industry gets.

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She added,

“Acting is my first love and I’m passionate about it. I don’t care if the movie industry is crowded, I would step on people to create space for myself. I’m not leaving acting for any other job but I may do it alongside another profession. The sky is big for everyone to fly and if it isn’t, some birds should disappear or leave the sky.”