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Christian activist to sue NFL over J.Lo, Shakira’s Super Bowl half time show


Super Bowl

A Christian activist from Ohio in the United States is planning to sue the National Football League (NFL) for its Super Bowl halftime performance last Sunday.

Dave Daubenmire felt the show which became the talking point on the internet was a display of “pornography” and was viewed by children without the approval of their parents.

Last Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show featured performances from Jennifer Lopez and Shakira that Daubenmire felt were inappropriate.

Daubenmire’s opinion about the show was earlier shared on the podcast “Pass the Salt,” in which he spoke about his plans to sue the NFL for the show.

“I think we ought to sue,” he said.

“Would that halftime show, would that have been rated PG? Were there any warnings that your 12-year-old son – whose hormones are just starting to operate – was there any warning that what he was going to see might cause him to get sexually excited?”

He also asked:

“Could I go into a courtroom and say, ‘viewing what you put on that screen put me in danger of hellfire?”

However, in an interview with Newsweek Friday, Daubenmire further clarified his comments.

“I think it’s pornography. I think it shouldn’t be coming into our homes, but I’m not worried about my personal salvation because of pornography,” Daubenmire said. “I’m worried about innocent children who are viewing it without the approval of their parents.

“My position is not about my own salvation; my salvation is secure. I’m not gonna lose my salvation for watching a clip at the Super Bowl,” he added. “Parents have the right to know pornography is coming into their home.”

Daubenmire told Newsweek his fight is for parental rights to keep pornography out of the minds of children.

“Soft pornography was pumped into homes of God-fearing people without the approval of their parents. That’s my point.”

On the podcast, Daubenmire said that the halftime performance was filled with unsolicited “crotch shots” from Lopez and Shakira. He later explained to Newsweek that if the NFL wanted to do that, they have should warned their viewers beforehand.

“If the NFL wants to have crotch shots at halftime, put up a warning ‘May not be suitable for young children,'” he said.

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In addition to his criticism of the Super Bowl halftime show, Daubenmire mentioned in the podcast that he wants to sue the NFL for “$867 trillion,” for what he considered as a display of pornography.

“It’s a hyperbole,” Daubenmire later said of how he came up with that monetary figure.

“I said it right off the top of my head, I just threw some big number out there. In my opinion, there’s not a big enough number to sue them for.”