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Chinese student dies after five nights of continuous livestreaming


A Chinese student, identified only by the surname Li, has passed away after five consecutive nights of live streaming. Exhaustion is suspected as the cause of death. 

Li, a final-year student at Henan Pingdingshan Vocational and Technical College, was obligated to live stream for 240 hours within 26 days as part of an internship crucial for his graduation in June. 

This demanding schedule, coupled with academic responsibilities and personal life commitments, took a toll on Li’s health, leading to his tragic demise.

Li’s housemates discovered him unresponsive and breathing rapidly during sleep, raising serious concerns about the working conditions of live streamers. 

According to livestream records, Li had been actively streaming for Henan Yihui Culture Media from 9 pm to 6 pm for five consecutive days leading up to his death on November 10.

Li’s father revealed that his son had been pressured into taking night shifts for better tips, a claim disputed by the company. 

While the company denied forcing Li into the night shifts, a representative acknowledged the challenges faced by livestreamers in maintaining a work-life balance.

The company maintained that Li was not a formal employee or intern but rather engaged in a “simple cooperation” arrangement, providing the location and taking a commission from tips. 

In an attempt to resolve the matter, the company offered the family 5000 Yuan (£555) “out of humanitarianism” but insisted on handling further compensation requests through legal channels.

Li’s father has not yet decided whether to pursue legal action against the company. He mentioned receiving assistance from the school and exploring compensation options through insurance companies.

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