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Burna Boy’s mom, Bose Ogulu, was never one of Fela’s dancer – Benson Idonije


Recently there were rumours that Bose Ogulu, the mother of Damini Ogulu, better known as Burna Boy, was one of Fela’s dancers but Nigerian broadcaster and music critic, Benson Idonije, says the rumours are malicious and untrue.

WuzupNigeria reports that a photo had emerged on the internet showing Afrobeats legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, lying on a woman during one of his live shows. Posters of the photo had suggested that the woman under Fela was none other than Bose Ogulu.

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Now Idonije, who is the 28 years old singer’s granddad and Fela’s first band manager, has debunked the rumours.

He said,

“Burna’s Boy mother was not one of Fela’s dancers. It’s a wicked lie. The guys saying that are just being wicked and malicious. Burna’s mum never went to the shrine. They are just concocting stories.”

Idonije also said he initially didn’t envisage that Burna Boy would be a big act.

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Idonije said,

“I did not envisage it initially but at some point, I knew that he was going to go very far because of the eclectic and elevated nature of his music. I didn’t know this from the beginning but at some point, I knew.”

Idonije also expressed excitement that ‘African Giant’ is now regarded as a “world music”.

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He said,

“I feel great, I’m happy that his music has reached the level that he can be considered as part of world music.

“I think Burna will win his category because his music is stronger (than the music of others) and his image is bigger. I think that the whole trajectory is leading to him winning the Grammy. I am very optimistic.”