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Buhari working hard to ensure Nigerians don’t go hungry – Garba Shehu


Buhari Nigerians leaving office jobs for farms

The Senior Special Assistant to the President, Mallam Garba Shehu, on Sunday says Nigerians should appreciate his principal for his painstaking efforts in ensuring the masses don’t go hungry.

Speaking during Sunday Politics, a Channels Television programme, Shehu reminded the viewers that over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the global economy.

This is just as the presidential spokesperson claimed Nigeria is the only African economy recording ‘positive growth.’

Shehu made the comments when he was presented with statistics on how the economy fared in 2015 compared with 2021.
In response, he said the minister of finance is in the best position to comment on the economy.

When asked specifically about the criticism of the government’s economic policies, he said critics of the federal government’s handling of the economy should get themselves ‘re-examined.’

“If you ask me this question, I will tell you that whoever questions the capacity of the government to manage the economy probably also need to have themselves re-examined,” he said.

“Because look at all of the things that have happened with COVID over the last year or more.

“Can you see that in the entire Africa continent, this is the only country that is recording positive growth in its economy?”
Shehu said the Buhari administration is “working day and night” to ensure that Nigerians don’t go hungry.

When asked if Nigeria is safer compared to 2015 when his principal took over, he said that as far Boko Haram terrorism is concerned, the country is in a better state.

“As far as Boko Haram terrorism is concerned, Nigeria is a safer place today than it was in 2015 when he took power,” he said.

“New challenges have come up, farmers-herders clashes, and killings in certain sections of the country, much of those have been subdued.

“We have been confronted with sabotage of oil installations in the south-south that have been managed effectively up to this point.

“Challenges of kidnapping and banditry have risen in so many parts of the country, including the south-west. Though the south-west is the safest part of the country.”