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VIDEO: Cashless Policy, bride provides wedding guests with QR code to spray her money digitally


Don’t know if I should call this civilization. But what modernisation will cause, ehn!

So in a recent development, a bride who didn’t want guests at her wedding spraying her paper cash decided to improvise and instead have them spray her bank account.

Did I hear you ask how? That’s why WuzupNigeria is here to answer.

The Nigerian bride embraced cashless policy at her wedding reception in Edo, as she came up with a unique way to have her guests spray her money digitally.

The bride, who did not want her wedding guests to spray her cash, provided a card with a QR code which guests can scan to get the money transferred to her account.

In the viral video, the bride was captured dancing. She subsequently held up the card with the QR code and guests who wanted to spray money on her simply moved close and scanned the code with their mobile devices, then transferred the money they would have sprayed straight to her account.

Smart right?

This incident happened in Benin, Edo state.

Watch the video below: