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Top 10 facts about Bray Wyatt


The mystique of Bray Wyatt will haunt WWE forever. As fans mourn the untimely passing of this phenom, we look back on the sinister Superstar’s curious journey. From football dreams to embracing his wrestling royalty roots, Wyatt led a fascinating life on the road to becoming an enigmatic character. Though “The Fiend” may be gone, these little-known facts immortalize the man behind the sinister persona.


The Stunning Stunner

Bray Wyatt shocked fans by using Stone Cold’s signature Stunner as a finisher during his early days as Alex Mulligan. However, he soon realized Sister Abigail packed more of a paranormal punch.


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The Fiendish Phenom

In 2019, Bray Wyatt unleashed his terrifying alter ego “The Fiend.” This ghoulish character captivated audiences with its spine-chilling presence and twisted in-ring style.


Firefly Freak Show

Bray merged horror and humor by launching “Firefly Fun House” in 2019 – a creepy kiddie show that left fans amused yet disturbed.


Journalism to Wrestling

Bray earned a football scholarship and studied Broadcast Journalism in college. He left just 27 credits shy of a degree to pursue his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar. Clearly his microphone skills were meant for more than just news broadcasting.


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Father of Four

Despite his fiendish persona, Bray Wyatt is quite the family man with four children from two partners outside the ring.


From Football to Fighting

Like many wrestlers, Bray initially had his sights set on football stardom. But his path ultimately led him to embrace wrestling as his true calling.


Wrestling Royalty

With a WWE legend for a father and grandfather, wrestling greatness runs in Bray’s blood. He was born for the squared circle.


Mind Games Maestro

Bray Wyatt employs psychological manipulations to get in his opponents’ heads, masterfully utilizing mind games to gain an advantage.


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Movie Monster Motifs

The horror film inspirations behind “The Fiend” are evident, from his frightening mask to his ominous aura. Bray Wyatt has seamlessly incorporated horror elements into his persona.


Bray’s Revolving Door of Ring Names

Wyatt wrestled under no less than 7 different names early in his career, including his real name and his family legacy names. They are Windham Rotunda, Alex Rotundo, Alex Rotunda, Duke Rotundo, Husky Harris, and Axel Mulligan. But Bray Wyatt finally gave this wrestling royalty the perfect sinister character.