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Bobrisky’s male genital organ not realigned – NCoS


The Nigerian Correctional Services has shattered the illusion of popular crossdresser, Bobrisky, regarding his purported gender change, affirming that his male biological organs remain intact.

Following Bobrisky’s sentencing to six months in prison for naira abuse, reports reveal that the controversial figure shares a cell with male inmates at the Ikoyi Custodial Centre.

A top official from the facility disclosed to PUNCH Metro that Bobrisky underwent examination upon admission, with results showing no evidence of gender realignment or alteration.

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“Bobrisky made a public declaration that he was a male, and court proceedings are public records. Every inmate brought into a facility during admission is examined. He was equally examined, and no realignment of gender or genital organ was discovered. The male biological features were the same,” the official stated.

Despite claims suggesting special treatment, the source emphasized that Bobrisky adheres to standard prison protocols, participating in daily activities like other inmates without preference.

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“He is not getting any five-star treatment and is not being protected from anybody. He follows the same rules and regulations just like every other inmate,” the official clarified.

Responding to concerns about potential abuse, the official highlighted the facility’s zero-tolerance policy toward misconduct, particularly regarding homosexuality, emphasizing that any inmate attempting to violate Bobrisky would face consequences.

Bobrisky had claimed several times of gender transition, including acquiring a vagina and discarding his manhood.

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The cross-dresser had also claimed to have undergone breast enlargement and proudly showcased his new chest in photos.

He acknowledged the persistent inquiries, both in-person and online, about whether he had undergone surgery on his genitals, admitting it used to bother him.

However, over time, he grew resilient and indifferent to such comments. Bobrisky declared that he embraced his truth and invited dissenters to simply accept it or disregard it entirely.