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Beware of products promising to help enhance your body – Ghanaian doctor


Dr. Dominic Kwame Obeng-Andoh

Ghanaian cosmetic surgery expert, Dr Dominic Kwame Obeng-Andoh, has advised women to beware of fake products which promise to help them enhance their body.

Obeng-Andoh, who is the CEO & medical director of Obengfo Hospital, took to Instagram saying, “beware of fake drugs, fake pills, fake herbs, fake injections, fake creams, fake teas etc.”

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He continued: “They won’t work o, not even in a thousand years. Lots of my clients will mention lots of the above that they have tried and wasted their hard-earned monies and precious time on even for months and years but never worked! Let’s all beware of this 419 scam happening in Ghana and elsewhere.”

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Recently, Obeng-Andoh revealed that he shaped his wife’s body for his own satisfaction.

Taking to Instagram with a picture showing his wife’s curvy look, he said, “See how I intentionally shaped Obengfo First Lady and wife for myself to enjoy. I ❤️ Mrs. Grace Obeng-Andoh Hahahaha”.